BLANCO 2021新聞稿

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“BLANCO 2021: heading safely into the future” was the motto of this year’s annual press conference


BLANCO – the international system provider

BLANCO is investing in many areas to ensure competitiveness and create a framework for future growth strategies. Despite massive global sales declines in the first two quarters as a result of the lockdowns, record sales of 408 million euros were achieved in the 2020 financial year, equating to growth of 3.1 percent. Domestic sales increased to 151 million euros. Revenue in international regions amounted to 257 million euros.

The company is investing in its Composite production network, with the plants for the globally successful Silgranit sinks, which are still thestrongest growth engine, being expanded in Most (Czech Republic) and Toronto (Canada). Productivity will also be stepped up at the German site in Sinsheim.

Investing in quality means certainty for the customer

BLANCO sees itself as a premium brand, which is associated with high quality, long product lifetime, superb performance features and excellent customer benefits, all worldwide. “Reliability is part of the company DNA; it drives us. We want to become an excellent and reliable system provider in our international markets as well, and increase our global footprint,” says CEO Frank Gfrörer, setting out the company’s goal. In particular, this will be achieved by setting up regional procurement and quality management organisations. To that end, the company is investing in the expansion of a global, decentralised quality management system. A new test centre is currently being set up at the headquarters in Oberderdingen/Germany. This will focus on the UNITS, which are technically complex and have to meet specific quality criteria as a system solution. BLANCO is taking an innovative approach to this and is committed to agile product development.

Sharing knowledge: turning customers into water hub experts

BLANCO is also setting standards by establishing customer-oriented digital services, such as the new international virtual training platform for retail and sales partners, planners, fitters and employees. The Brand Academy also takes a global approach and is run from Singapore. In the future, expertise in product innovations, installations, maintenance and repairs, and the assembly of the UNIT components will also be the focus of practical instruction at the new centre for in-person training, which will be directly connected to the test centre.

BLANCO 2021: the future is in safe hands

“You can see the new strategy taking effect everywhere now,” says CEO Frank Gfrörer. “One very important aspect is the increased focus on the consumer and the promise associated with a premium brand.” With its large number of new products, especially the UNITS as holistic system solutions BLANCO offers its retail partners appealing opportunities to set themselves apart from the competition and create added value. Whether destined for a family home or a singleton’s kitchen, UNITS with integrated drinking water systems like the drink.soda impress users with their optimum convenience. Besides tap water, they dispense filtered and refrigerated still, medium and sparkling water, and the user can also set the quantity and temperature. The BLANCO UNIT represents a complete rethink of the kitchen water hub and encourages the sustainable use of resources. The high-quality, perfectly coordinated components, complete with a drinking water system or a simple mixer tap, bowl and waste separation system, fit seamlessly into kitchen life as a high-quality overall solution. BLANCO’s drink.soda water system has just been awarded the international iF design award 2021 for its ingenious product concept.

Not only do the UNITS offer households greater convenience and sustainability, but they also make the consulting, planning and setting-up process easier and more reliable for kitchen retailers. The multi-level UNIT Partner Programme, whereby participating retail partners in the DACH region can qualify as water hub experts, provides information on this and assists retailers with their marketing by supplying a wide range of POS materials and other services, such as installation training. In addition, the recently launched wide-ranging online campaign for the drink.soda UNIT signals a fresh new dynamic for the BLANCO brand at consumer touchpoints.