Your planting machine has two planting layers, referred to as the top and bottom planting drawers, and both of them are removable for planting, cleaning, and maintenance purposes.

  • Please make sure to place the top drawer on the top guide and insert the bottom drawer into the bottom guide. You can accomplish this by sliding the top edge of the drawer between the drawer guides.
  • When removing the drawers, please be careful as they may be heavy and unbalanced, and they may contain some residual water. We recommend placing them on your kitchen counter top with the back of the drawer facing the sink, so that you can safely and easily access them while handling the plants.
  • If the watering cycle continues while the drawer is removed during watering, please ensure that the plants receive the water they missed.
  • If you remove the planting drawer for more than a day, please disable its watering schedule (refer to the control panel instructions).
  • The bottom planting drawer will receive water one hour after the top planting drawer.
  • The filter located behind the growing drawer collects sediment and should be rinsed with clean water every week.
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