Cristal CW-60 Wine Chiller


Item No.:  產品編號:  CW-60

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Product features

Turn On and Use
• Touch control panel
• Built-in cooling system

Use Directly
• Do not have to pre-cool
• Easy to use with one click

Simple, Easy To Operate
• No ice cubes needed
• Avoid wetting the table

Maintain A Certain Temperature
• Temp. setting from 5°C-18°C

Ideal For Different Kinds Of Wines


1. Input: AC 100V-240V Output: DC 12V 5A
2. Power: Max 72 Watt
3. Cooling system: Thermo electrical, copper pipe, heat-sink
4. Black frame, Plastic base and cover
5. Function keys: ON/STANDBY key, Selection button +/-, C/F temp., adjustment key
6. Temp. setting from 5°C-18°C or 41°F-64°F
7. Touch control panel
8. Digital display with white light
9. Available bottle diameter: φ92mm
10. CB/CE certificates


Unit Size: L 210 x W 135 x H 240 mm
Net Weight: 2.3 KG
100V 240V | 50Hz/60Hz | 72W

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