Maintenance cost depends on the category, model and warranty terms and period of the product.

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Yes, you can still enjoy the repair service. However, repair fees will be charged depending on the circumstances.

Operation Tips

  1. To avoid leaving washing machine alone without people at home  when operating.
  2. Do not use inflammable chemical substances (e.g. insecticide)  washing machine when operating.
  3. Do not place a washing machine in a humidity environment (e.g. bathroom or outdoor area).
  4. Remove all articles (e.g. coins) from pockets of clothes before washing and clean up the filter frequently.
  5. To arrange inspection for regular maintenance by technician yearly.
  1. Do not use induction hob if its surface is cracked or any abnormal condition.
  2. To switch off the induction hob each time after used.
  3. To use cookware with a flat bottom suit for induction hob surface.
  4. To comply the user manual for use and maintenance of an induction hob and arrange regular checks by an experienced technician yearly.
  5. Do not use a steam cleaner to clean an induction hob.
  6. Do not place metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids on an induction hob when operating.
  7. Do not touch the induction hob surface immediately after cooking.
  8. Do not place a sealed can on an induction hob for direct cooking.
  9. Do not connect other electrical appliances to use the same socket outlet supplying with an induction hob. Each induction hob should use independent socket or power supply.
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